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Headhunting (Search)

In case your business is challenged in generating sufficient candidates matching the vacant positions, although you are able to select the right candidate once the pool has been generated, our headhunting services are what you need.

By a confidential search in the market, we ensure a substantial number of candidates to match the position without compromises.

Our efforts do not require advertising. We work in a completely discreet and confidential manner.

The candidates are delivered successively in form of CV´s including a summary until the pool agreed has been accomplished.

In addition, tests are provided.

Primarily we work with generating candidates for Management and Specialist positions in manufacturing and technology companies.





Focus in our Outplacement programs is to help terminated and unemployed candidates get new jobs.

Face-to-face we assist the candidates in establishing an attractive profile to create awareness and interest from new companies. Furthermore, we promote the profiles to make sure they are seen and get into position for new job opportunities. In addition to that we establish job interviews with relevant companies.

Ahead of the meeting with the companies we prepare the candidates by strengthening their self- confidence and knowledge about how to perform in the job interviews. 

Furthermore, we challenge the decision makers in the companies regarding their stereotypes and prejudices and make them think out of the box.

By keeping a frequent contact with local companies, we are up-to-date with the job possibilities. Our dialogue with the decision makers, where we represent the candidates, cuts off a lot of extra steps on the way in getting a new job.

Parallelly we offer training and coaching that improve skills relevant for job seeking.

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We offer assessment based on PAPI, which is an abbreviation of The Personality and Preference Inventory.

It is one of the world´s leading test systems for personality assessment.

PAPI is available for both individuals and teams.

We adhere to the standards set out by the Danish Psychology Association in relation to use of tests in business life.