Companies are more selective in hiring new employees

In case you are job seeking and it´s been a while since you last tried it, you might find that the companies have become more strict in their requirements of new employees.

Job seekers increasingly find themselves not being chosen even due to minor deviations from companies´ requirements. The ideal profile is complied with much more often. 

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How do you introduce new employees in your company? How do you make sure to get them well onboard in order to quickly make them thrive and contribute their skills to the company? How far down in the company do you spend time getting the new employees onboard? How well do you succeed in this?

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Young people are driven by other motivation factors

Young people who make their debut in the work field these years are driven by other motivation factors than what we have been used to. They are the first generation who have entirely grown up with the online culture and are used to working in teams.

The positive list of what motivates them includes startups, entrepreneurships, international work place, constantly challenged professionally, project-oriented working and being a part of a young and creative milieu. They constantly challenge themselves and each other and they are used to discussing and being innovative. 

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