Companies are more selective in hiring new employees

Companies are more selective in hiring new employees

In case you are job seeking and it´s been a while since you last tried it, you might find that the companies have become more strict in their requirements of new employees.

Job seekers increasingly find themselves not being chosen even due to minor deviations from companies´ requirements. The ideal profile is complied with much more often. 

According to the decision makers we are in contact with, the requirements from their clients are equally stricter. This is for instance reflected in sharper deadlines, shorter delivery times, lower prices, fewer errors and no capital tied up in commodities or inventory of finished products.

All of this means more pressure for the companies who receive orders to deliver with a shorter time frame and greater precision. That means less time for training and introduction of new employees hence the stricter selection process.

When you´re job seeking it´s important to be a bit more specific in your matching, especially with regard to the requirements for specialist competences. If you see too great deviations it might turn out to be better not to apply, at least in certain situations primarily to avoid burning your chance for a better job and also to avoid being rejected unnecessarily.

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