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Submit Your CV

We now have a direct link at the top of our web site for you to submit your CV. The link can be used for unsolicited applications as well as for candidates in a specific staff recruitment.

We acknowledge with professional feedback and potential assessment of all CV´s we receive.

So send your CV to us asap.

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Send dit CV

Vi har nu oprettet en direkte link i toppen af vores hjemmeside, så du let kan sende dit CV til os. Linket kan du benytte både hvis du vil sende dit CV uopfordret og hvis du indgår som kandidat i en konkret stillingsbesættelse.

Vi kvitterer med professionel feedback og potentialevurdering på alle CV’er vi modtager.

Send derfor gerne dit CV til os så hurtigt som muligt.

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Companies are more selective in hiring new employees

In case you are job seeking and it´s been a while since you last tried it, you might find that the companies have become more strict in their requirements of new employees.

Job seekers increasingly find themselves not being chosen even due to minor deviations from companies´ requirements. The ideal profile is complied with much more often. 

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Improve your CV

Does your CV express who you are? Is there a red line connecting your education and work life? Are you good at describing things in a way that evokes interest in meeting you?

What do you need to focus on when you develop your CV? Mark the word ”develop”, because that´s what is really the case. Development of your CV is an ongoing task. You start with a basic version and improve it gradually, add on to and strengthen it.  Unfortunately, many people are content with the basic version which is rarely enough. 

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Social isolation is a challenge for unemployed

In case you´ve ever been unemployed you probably know the feeling of social isolation and how quickly it sneaks in.

Once the feeling of prolonged vacation has settled down after the termination of a job, a social vacuum arises. A daily life without any association to a workplace is much harder for the mind than first expected.

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Young people are driven by other motivation factors

Young people who make their debut in the work field these years are driven by other motivation factors than what we have been used to. They are the first generation who have entirely grown up with the online culture and are used to working in teams.

The positive list of what motivates them includes startups, entrepreneurships, international work place, constantly challenged professionally, project-oriented working and being a part of a young and creative milieu. They constantly challenge themselves and each other and they are used to discussing and being innovative. 

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