Personality and Preference Inventory based on PAPI


Personality profiling

As part of personality profiling in connection with recruiting, we offer personality profile analysis based on PAPI.

PAPI is an abbreviation of The Personality and Preference Inventoryand is one of the leading test systems.

A personality profiling is an important addition to the combined evaluation of the suitability of the person for a specific job and is definitely something we recommend having done, on levels above blue collar.

The test is done online while the feedback part takes place by a meeting in person. Firstly with the test person and secondly with the hiring employer. Included is a detailed written summary.

  • Personality test
  • Cubiks 360
  • Ability test
  • In basket exercise
  • Potential evaluation
  • Situational evaluation test

Team profiling

Besides we offer team profiling to clarify for instance the position of a management team in relation to leadership style, cooperation and performance.

The process is initiated with individual online scores with a personal feedback followed by a joint meeting of a day or more. Here we gradually build up the team leader profile by arranging the individual profiles on top of each other and discuss the actual behavioral traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses in the combined profile.

The outcome is a considerable improvement in the cooperation and performance of the team and utilisation of each person´s special strong points. In addition to that is the increased knowledge of the abilities to be focused on in a potential reorganization or expansion of the team.

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