Providing Professionals for industrial and technology companies.
We establish the pool of qualified Professionals needed for a company to fill a specific position with the person selected.
Outplacement of redundant and unemployed people
Personality and Preference Inventory based on PAPI
Fagfolk til industrien

Vi hjælper virksomheder med at identificere og udvælge talentfulde og højt kvalificerede kandidater til leder- og specialistfunktioner.


Vores Outplacement ydelse er for opsagte og ledige, med behov for professionel hjælp til at finde et nyt job.


Vi er certificeret i brugen af testsystemet PAPI som står for; The Personality and Preference Inventory.



We move people in business. We represent agile and user friendly services using our extensive network and a profound knowledge about staffing in modern companies. We are a consultancy company with a clear success criterion in making a measurable difference for people and companies alike – not just once in a while but every time.

Globiz1 works in an ever changing world. A world where local and distant influences meet in global dynamics constantly changing the terms for people and companies. Hence our name which encompasses the vision of helping our clients being the chosen, being in the forefront. 

We have a professional and committed approach in what we do. We work in a discreet way when called for and openly and involving, when possible. We know it takes great precision and perseverance to create deliveries of this kind which is why we make great efforts every day because our success criterion demands it.

We consist of a small team of employees as well as top professional freelancers. You will meet the team in various ways, in a potential cooperation with us. We are a passionated team who thrives with our tasks and wouldn´t want it any other way.